Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu is fun.

If you are a huge Pokemon fan you probably know that Pokemon Go has been out for a while now. Have you grabbed it? If not? why haven’t you?

As a teenager nothing beat the thrill of going back home after school to watch Pokemon the animated TV series.  Watching the adventures of Ash and Pikachu were on one of my favourite things to do. I’ll just put it out there that I am not the biggest Pokemon fan but the cartoon series was really good. So when Nintendo released Pokemon Go, I was really happy to try it out. 

In all honesty nothing beats the catching your own Pokemon, whether it’s on Pokemon Let’s Go or on Pokemon Go, the hit mobile game. The beauty of Pokemon Let’s Go is that it’s beautifully designed to work the Nintendo Switch. Whether you are playing on the go or in the comfort of your own home, Pokemon Let’s Go is a gem of a video game. 

Remember I told you that watching Ash and Pikachu was fun? In Pokemon Let’s Go you are Ash. It’s your turn to become a Pokemon trainer, catch as many Pokemon as you possibly can, train them and win different gym badges along your travels. 

The game itself is filled with Pokemon, all your favourites but sadly there’s also tons of repetition in terms of the types of Pokemon you bump into. The only good thing about that is that to unlock some Pokemon you need to have caught a certain number of them. For instance in order to take a misbehaving squirtle from a police officer you need to have caught 60 Pokemon. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but you’ll end up have 20 of the same Pokemon in your Pokedex. There’s a bit of a plus to all this, you can send all your duplicate Pokemon to Professor Oak and he can keep them for you. 

The game does work well as an adventure video game on the Nintendo Switch. There’s a battle around each and every corner where you earn coins to buy supplies that aid your Pokemon along your journey. The battles themselves are turn based and it’s always better to compete with Pokemon that are complete opposites. Electric type Pokemon usually beat water types and so forth. As you battle your Pokemon evolve and earn XP, they unlock new moves and gain more power. 

If you’ve got spare cash, I would suggest that you get Pokemon Let’s Go + Pokeball. The Pokeball is any Pokemon fans dream come true. It gives you the ability to walk around with the Pokemon you’ve caught in Pokemon Let’s Go. It can also be use as a second controller while playing the game. So instead of using the Joy-Con controllers that come with your Nintendo Switch, you use the Pokeball. 

Pokemon Let’s Go is a fun game and the Pokeball is a great addition to it. 

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