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The Twenty Thousand Rand iPad Pro

There’s one thing Apple has managed to do over the years and do it really well. Do you know what that is, they have established themselves as a premium brand. There’s no second guessing them, even when they release a subpar product.

I say this because last year they released the iPhone XR which had a below par screen and single camera lens. Funny enough Apple sold it as the battery champion and featured the latest A12 bionic chip. It’s probably the iPhone most of us will be able to afford for years to come. Don’t get me wrong the iPhone XR is a good product. I feel like the iPhone XR range is going to continue for years to come.

Now let’s move on to the iPad Pro.

Sorry if I deviated at the beginning of this article but back to the iPad Pro. I promise that it will all make sense at the end of my article.

Yes, it retails for twenty thousand rand but is it worth it? I’ll be the first to admit that yes it’s worth it, if you know why you are buying it. I’m no graphic designer, no tattoo artist or architect. You see where I’m going with this? these are the people that the iPad Pro is targeting. These are the people who work for companies that can afford to buy them a twenty thousand rand tablet.

The iPad Pro I am currently using came with the second generation Apple Pencil. These two products work so well together that I wouldn’t recommend you getting the iPad Pro without it. The Apple Pencil has some really neat functions like making quick notes while the iPad screen is locked. It also works really well as a reminder of how bad my handwriting is. Jokes aside, the above mentioned creatives are going to having a blast using it.

They’ll have a blast because the iPad Pro features Pro Motion Technology. This will give creatives the opportunity to turn their work in master pieces as if they are using a sketchbook. The response rate between the screen and Apple Pencil is something to be impressed with. Keep in mind that the Apple Pencil costs an additional R2599. If are looking to invest in a great tool the iPad Pro is your best bet.

Netflix and chill!

The iPad Pro that I am using features a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina Display. Do you know what goes well with this display? Netflix! I’ve watched movies, cooking shows, cartoons and documentaries like never before. That’s because I am in love with this display. It features a very tiny bazel around it that houses the front facing camera. This doesn’t interfere with your Netflix time, not at all.

Can I also take this moment to appreciate the four speakers that can be found on the iPad Pro. You can find two speakers at the top and bottom of the iPad Pro. They work really well once you place the iPad horizontally with the sound giving you a stereo affect. This also works well when playing some of your favourite songs off Apple Music.

iPad Pro
Courtesy: Apple

How do I use this thing?

If you are familiar with the current operating system for iPhones, navigating the iPad Pro won’t be difficult. The iPad Pro works very similar to an iPhone funny enough. Face ID gives the ability to unlock the iPad but it doesn’t work as seamlessly as it does on the iPhone. From time to time I had to stick my face in the direction of the iPad because it couldn’t recognise me. On the iPhone whether I have my glasses on or off, the phone can tell that it’s me. Depending on how you are holding the iPad Pro, at times my thumb obstructed the front facing camera. So the locking and unlocking of the iPad Pro can be a pain in the ass.

Just like I said at the beginning of the first paragraph, using the iPad Pro is not difficult. I guess this is why iPad’s are such a hit for the little ones. Whether you are familiar with Apple’s operating system or not, it’s so easy to navigate it. As far as navigating the iPad itself, swiping left, right and up is the order of the day. Nothing hectic right? you can use the same gestures while also using the Apple pencil. With iPad OS still in the final stages of its beta testing, I won’t be surprised if it attracts more users to the iPad.

The Apple Pencil does have a number of unique shortcuts that you can use. Double tapping the button of the pencil makes it switch between the pencil and an eraser. Comes in handy when writing notes, making doodles or while creating sketches. Just like I said earlier on, the Apple Pencil is lost on me but I get the need for it and what can be accomplished using it.

So what do you think of it?

In all honesty there’s everything to like about the iPad Pro. Remember the little rant I had at the beginning of this post? The iPad Pro shares the same screen as the iPhone XR but it’s bigger. For twenty thousand you would expect an OLED display to be standard for the iPad Pro. With that said, do you care if your blacks are blacker? People who complain about not having OLED displays do.

Despite the type of screen the iPad Pro has, it’s still the best tablet on the market. I personally would’t pay this much cash for it. I would rather get the new Macbook Pro instead. Seeing that I would still need to buy the detachable keyboard in order for me to type documents. The Macbook Pro would be my go to 20k plus gadget.

One thing for sure is that the iPad Pro is not as heavy as my current Macbook Pro. Weighing in just under 700g, it’s the perfect everyday companion. Pity I can’t afford one but I can confirm that I had tons of fun playing around with this bad boy.

You can grab the iPad Pro at the iStore

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