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I’ve never been a PC gamer, my introduction to gaming came via a PlayStation One back in the mid 90’s. Over the years I’ve sticked with what I know, the good old console, don’t get me wrong I’ve always known the power PC’s contain.

I’ve been using a couple of words to best describe the 15 inch gaming laptop by Lenovo. That’s because it fits all the descriptions that I have come up with so far. Powerful processor, kick-ass graphics card and a banging built-in sound system.

The Lenovo Legion Y530 comes with a 15-inch FHD display, combined with up to 144 Hz refresh rate, 300 nits of brightness, and an IPS Antiglare screen. I put it through its paces by installing Forza Motorsport 7 and the game needs more than a 100GB of space just to install, which gave me the idea that it will be demanding in the graphics department. As you can guess by now that the Legion Y530 exceeded my expectations and the display is truly stunning. That’s because it’s supported by a NVIDIA Pascal, the most advanced GPU architecture ever created.

Since I am not a huge PC gamer, I did some research and found out that this graphic card plays 1080p graphics at their highest level and won’t consume your PC’s power at an accelerated rate. Making it very power efficient and super silent when it’s doing its thing. All this information that I found out is true, the only time the PC “made a noise” is when the fan is running in a really quiet room but other than that, the Legion Y530 is really a silent beast.

Let’s get the technical stuff out the way so I can continue talking about how great this gaming laptop is. Earlier on I highlighted that in order for me to install Forza Motorsport 7 on the Legion, I need more than 100GB of hard drive space. The Lenovo Y530 has 2TB of hard drive space and runs on 32GB of RAM. Over the years I’ve had to delete some of my favourite games on my hard drive because I have to make space for a new game.

I don’t think I’m going to delete any games on this device. On most occasions I ran more than one program at a time, so I generally put any PC I use through it’s paces. I remember an instance when I was playing F1 2018 and had the web browser open at the same time, keep in mind I had more than 5 tabs open on Google Chrome. During my gameplay at no point did the PC slow down or show any signs of doing so, I think I got tired before it did.

As you tell that I love playing racing video games, I think I was a F1 driver in my past life but these type of games test any PC’s or consoles performance because they are graphically demanding and require any machine to perform at it’s maximum level. It’s safe to say that the Legion Y530 performs at the highest level and there’s no stopping it once it’s warmed up, not that it needs a warm up.

The laptop bag I use is for a small 13-inch laptop, most stores only stock up medium sized bags. This makes it easy to carry the Legion around, I’ve carried the Legion in public I got a lot of compliments. The guys always want to try out all the games I’ve installed on it and the ladies love the slick design.

To be honest most people want a gaming laptop that performs like a high-end gaming PC but also gives them the convenience and portability that comes with a laptop. If there’s one thing I do on my laptop is listen to music and watch movies on it. This laptop comes with built-in Harman speakers with Dolby Audio, these speakers pack a mean punch. Everything sounds good, whether it’s music, games and movies, plus with a 2TB hard drive there’s more than enough space to store all the media you like to watch and listen to.

The latest craze in the tech world, specially when it comes to smartphones, it’s fast charging. Every smartphone manufacturer now promises a device that comes with fast charging capabilities, the guys at Lenovo have done the same. This laptop also comes with fast charging capabilities and according to the fact sheet it takes 90 minutes to charge 90% of the battery. I’ve tested it out, it’s roughly accurate and the battery life on the Legion kicks ass. It can get you through a full day of browsing, watching series for two hours, two hours of gameplay after a long day and enough battery life to get you through the next morning. The charger is very compact and fits into my bag very nicely.

As you can tell by now that I am really impressed by Lenovo Legion Y530, it’s opened up my world to PC gaming and what a kick ass introduction.

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