Two new characters are coming to DRAGON BALL FighterZ.

DRAGON BALL Z fans will be happy to hear that Gotenks, Gohan (Adult) and Kid Buu are coming to DRAGON BALL FighterZ.

Each character will have special abilities and attacks to spice up the battles.

  • Gotenks has a short reach but rapid movements such as the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.
  • Gohan (Adult) can change the outcome of the fight by unleashing his ultimate ability mid-game to unlock his true power!
  • Kid Buu with his high speed and power, is an expert for tricky attacks. He can stretch his arm, so reach should never be a problem!


DRAGON BALL FighterZ is also introducing an Arcade Mode where players will be able to test their strength. The arcade mode will test players abilities as they fight their way up the ladder. Players will choose from 3 different modes and when the course is completed Hard Mode is unlocked.

In the Online Battles of DRAGON BALL FighterZ, players can fight and interact with other users in the FighterZ lobby. That’s the perfect place to rise up to the arena stage and get matched with other users who are willing to battle! Players can also communicate with Z-Stamp, use facial expressions from DRAGON BALL characters and watch their match with the replay mode.


We’ll have to wait until January 26 in order to get our hands on DRAGON BALL FighterZ. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on PC.

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