Here’s how you can play Pokemon Go in South Africa.

The world is losing it’s mind and Pokemon Go is the main reason why, the hit mobile game has been released in most parts of the world but still doesn’t show up in the Google Play Store here in South Africa. The guys at Telkom Gaming have compiled a way for Android users to get their hands on the game.

Pokemon Go Screenshot

All you need to do is download this APK File on your android phone and install it on your phone. Android phones are blocked from installing applications from untrusted sources, so you will need to unblock this action by following the steps below:

Go to Settings on your phone and switch to the “general” tab, if needed.

  1. Tap on the “Security” option.
  2. Tick the checkbox next to the “Unknown Sources” option.
  3. Confirm the warning message by tapping on “OK”

After following the above steps, you’ll be able to download the game and run it on your phone. Pokemon Go will require you to sign in using your Google account and once you fill in some details, you’ll be ready to create your own in game character and start catching Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is free to play and uses your phone’s GPS to create a world filled Pokemon, which you can catch using your phone. The game is developed by Niantic and The Pokemon Company. Let me know in the comments section if you’ve started playing Pokemon Go.

Source: Telkom Gaming

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