No release date for Xbox One in SA.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that its next gen console the Xbox One will be released on the 22 of November, just days after Sony releases the Playstation 4 on the 15th of November in North America.

Xbox One

Gaming website Gamespot reports that the Xbox One is in full production and that its central processing unit (CPU) has been boosted from 150MHz (megahertz) to 1.75GHz (gigahertz). The Xbox One will come with one controller, a Kinect sensor, a headset microphone, and a HDMI cable. If you are part of the lucky few who pre-ordered the Xbox One Day One Edition in Europe, you will also receive a free download code for Fifa 14.  More than 20 games will be available when the Xbox One launches, but no release date has been set for South Africa. Here’s a trailer for Fifa 14, the gameplay in this trailer was captured on the PS4 and Xbox One.


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